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PPR (ruminant vaccine)

• Indication:

- Lyophilized virus vaccine PPR (PESTE DES PETITS RUMINANTS)

- Freeze-dried vaccine with a minimum titer of 2.5 TCID50 per field dose


• Form:

- Injectable solution


• Presentation:

- 5 ml vials 100 dose of Lyophilized vaccine


• Reconstitution and dilution of vaccine:

- In 100 ml of cool and sterile saline water.


• Dosage and route of administration:

1 ml of diluted vaccine injected subcutaneously is recommended for all goats & Sheep. Early immunization before 6 months of age can interfere with parental acquired antibodies and inhibit the development of active immunity.


• Storage:

- Vaccine should be stored at a temperature of -20 °C


• Vaccination program:

- Annual vaccination is recommended for the young animals during consecutive years


• Immunity:

- Eight days after vaccination and may last for life.


• Presentation:

- Vial of 5 ml (100 doses)