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PERIBOVAC (ruminant vaccine)

• Indication:

- Freeze- dried live attenuated bacterial vaccine against contagious bovine Pleuropneumonia produced using T1-44 vaccinal strains of Mycoplasma mycoides subsp. mycoides small colony (MmmSC). Each field dose contains at least 107 viable mycoplasma organisms.

- Immunity: It develops 3 weeks post-vaccination and lasts for about 1 year.


• Form:

- Injectable solution


• Administration:

- Inject 1 ml of the reconstituted vaccine only subcutaneously.
Vaccinate all animals above the age of 6 months.


• Presentation:

- Vial of 100 doses


• Storage:

- at +4 °C for 6 months / At -20 °C for several years