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Lobavit Plus

• Active principle:

- Vitamins + minerals


• Form:

- Water soluble powder


• Composition for a sachet of 15 g:

- Vitamin A_____________________800000 UI
- Vitamin D3____________________200000 UI
- Vitamin E_______________________300 mg
- Vitamin B1______________________100 mg
- Vitamin B6______________________100 mg
- Vitamin B12______________________2.5 mg
- Vitamin PP______________________300 mg
- Vitamin C______________________2000 mg
- Iron (in sulfate form)____________750 mg
- Cobalt (in chloride form)___________2 mg
- Copper (in sulfate form)____________1 mg

Excipient with plant extracts from Chinese traditional medicine….to a sachet of 15g


• Species:

- Cattle, sheep, goat, swine, equine, camel


• Presentation:

- Box of 100 sachets of 15g