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LIVACOX T (vaccine)

• Indication:

- Livacox T is a live attenuated vaccine against coccidiosis. It is used for stimulation of immunity against the main three lines of coccidies in broiler. The immunization is consecutive to the development of vaccinal coccidies in young chicken intestine.


• Description:

- Whitish suspension made up of live attenuated oocysts of the main three lines of coccidies.


• Composition:

- 1 ml contains 30 000- 50 000 oocysts of each attenuated lines of Eimeria tenella, E. acervulina and E. maxima in a 1% solution of chloramine.


- 1 ml contains 100 doses. Each dose gives the chicken 300/500 live attenuated oocysts of each lines of coccidies


• Administration :

- Livacox T should be administrated orally in drinking water to chick from 5- 7 days old.


• Presentation:

Vials of 1000 and 5000 doses