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Repères :


1998 : création de la division

LOBS Health

1999 : lancement du premier produit IVERMEC

2000 : ouverture de son
bureau à Paris

2001 : lancement de la gamme ALBEN

2004 : LOBS devient actionnaire
du laboratoire GMP

2005 : lancement de la gamme LOBIDIUM



LOBS INTERNATIONAL HEALTH was created in 1998 by experts in the field of animal health. Its aim was to create a range of veterinary medicine adapted to the demands of selected markets.

In 1999, LOBS registered its first veterinary product:
a 1% ivermectine injectable parasiticide. This was launched in Mali in 1999. Since then, a further 25 products in this range have been launched and distributed in most of West Africa, in the Maghreb and in East Africa. This product is known for its quality, technological innovation and competitiveness.

From 2004, LOBS took on a greater role in its partnership with the Tongren Laboratoires, invested in new veterinary equipment and became a shareholder of new laboratories GMP of Quzhou. LOBS also introduced the concept of quality control at every stage of production and pursued the development of its range of products.

LOBS signed partnerships in India and China to insure the quality and constancy of raw material supplies.

LOBS developed at a considerable rate and is now present in over 15 countries. It invested in a range of trypanocidal drugs, range which today concerns 3 main agents: diminazene aceturate (LOBAZEN/FORTEZEN), isometamidium (LOBIDIUM), and homidium chloride (ACTIDIUM).


A range of veterinary products which meet the primary needs of African breeders: vaccines, anti-infective and anti-parasitic drugs, vitamins, veterinary accessories....

Products which meet the most demanding standards in safety and quality: our laboratories have the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) qualification.

Very competitive pricing.

LOBS has also developped a Laboratory Equipments division, which supplies several African laboratories in consumables, and laboratory instruments and apparatus. Indeed, diversification is what LOBS intends to concentrate on and develop.

In every investment, be it financial or strategic, our team always sticks to its slogan, "LOBS. We demand efficiency and innovation."