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Anthrax (ruminant vaccine)

• Indication:

- Lyophilized live vaccine against Anthrax produced using Sterne 34 F2, source Weybridge (UK) strain of Bacillus anthracis saponin adjuvated. Spores freeze-dried with saponin(1%) and 4% skimmed milk as a stabilizer. Each field dose contains 107 viable spores.


• Dosage and administration:

- Vaccinations should be carried out every year before the anthrax season. Animals should be above 3 months old.

- Cattle

– inject 1 ml subcutaneously in the loose skin of the neck just in front of the shoulder.

- Sheep and goats

– inject 0.5 ml subcutaneously in the loose skin of the neck or in inner face of thigh. The latter is preferable for goats.

- Horse

- Inject 1 ml subcutaneously at the neck.


• Immunity:

- Develops in 10 days and lasts for one year


• Form:

- Injectable solution


• Reconstitution:

- Reconstitute in 100 ml of sterile saline water.


• Presentation:

- Vial of 20 ml (100 doses)


• Storage:

- The vaccine could be kept at +4 °C for 2 years and at 20 °C for one year.